Thank you for coming, we’re glad you’re here! Please note, if your patient is experiencing active suicidal or homicidal ideation or engaging in self-harm, please refer to a higher level of care or call 911.

How do I get started?

  1. Schedule a Welcome Visit for the patient/client

    • You/Provider can call 813.738.6022 to book a Welcome Visit with a Behavioral Care Coordinator.

    ——— OR ———

  2. Welcome Visit

    • A Welcome Visit is always facilitated by phone using the phone number you supplied when you scheduled your Welcome Visit.
    • The purpose of this administrative call is to gather additional information and schedule the first Behavioral Healthcare Visit.
  3. Behavioral Healthcare Visit

    • Following the Welcome Visit you will meet with a LifeStance Behavioral Healthcare Provider for a virtual visit. Together a plan will be made to reach your agreed upon treatment goals.