Mental Health Care near Pawtucket, RI

Choose from approximately 145 LifeStance supported mental health clinicians. We are the largest behavioral care provider platform in the USA. Our providers see patients in 9 local offices in Rhode Island and also provide virtual appointments throughout the state.

Choose from approximately 145 local LifeStance supported mental health clinicians and 5 telehealth providers near Pawtucket, Rhode Island. LifeStance supported practices represent the largest behavioral care provider platform in the USA. Our mental health professionals see patients in 9 offices in Rhode Island and also provide telehealth services. LifeStance therapists specialize in treating various mental and emotional health conditions, including anxiety, depression, work stress, relationship issues, and trauma.

Our therapists and psychologists offer talk therapy or psychotherapy. If you need treatment medication management or any other treatment provided by psychiatrists, you can browse the list of our psychiatrists in Pawtucket, Rhode Island or our licensed mental health therapists will help you to select the care you need.

At LifeStance we understand that a personal connection between a mental health care professional and a patient is very important, so we encourage you to browse our directory as we have providers who speak your language, accept your insurance, and specialize in the issues you are going through.

We highly encourage our patients to visit our mental health clinics near Pawtucket, Rhode Island to schedule in-person therapy sessions as some services like group therapy, DBT sessions, and play therapy are better in-person and in group settings.

Find a mental health care clinician near Pawtucket, Rhode Island who matches what you are looking for.

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About the City

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is a diverse and culturally rich city that offers a unique blend of history and modernity. With a population of around 72,000, Pawtucket is home to a vibrant community of people from various ethnic backgrounds. The city is divided into distinct neighborhoods, each with its own character and charm. From the historic mill district to the bustling downtown area, Pawtucket offers a range of experiences for residents and visitors alike. What sets Pawtucket apart is its strong sense of community and pride in its industrial heritage. The city's commitment to preserving its history while embracing innovation makes it a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

Neighborhoods in the City

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is home to several distinct neighborhoods. Oak Hill offers a mix of residential and commercial areas, while Darlington boasts a suburban feel. Woodlawn is known for its historic homes, and Fairlawn is a quiet residential area. These neighborhoods contribute to the unique character of Pawtucket.

Providence Metropolitan Area

FAQs about how to find a clinician in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Find a provider near you in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on LifeStance. To find your perfect match use filters like insurance accepted, therapy specialty, and provider identity. Mental health care counselors on LifeStance are highly rated and vetted for their extensive experience treating individual adults, children and adolescents, as well as couples and families. They offer both in-person and telehealth care.