One Patient’s Experience with Racing Thoughts and Getting Expert Help

nervous woman with racing thoughts

The following article was written by a LifeStance Health patient who wishes to remain anonymous.  I’m no stranger to anxiety. I had early signs of anxiety as young as four years old, and I was officially diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and major depression in my first year of college. When, years later, I […]

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woman suffering from a panic attack

How to Help Someone Who is Having a Panic Attack

If a friend or loved one is one of the millions of Americans who have panic attacks, it can be challenging to know how--or whether--you can help. If your loved one is in the middle of a panic attack now, stay as calm as possible and take the following five steps: Ensure their physical safety Speak calmly and say reassuring things Ask if they…

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Understanding & managing anxiety with Dr. Richard Rakos – Podcast

 Nicolette Lienza: (00:00) On today's episode, we'll be talking to Dr. Richard [Rakos 00:00:06] on how to understand anxiety and how to manage it. So, Dr. Rakos, tell us a little bit about yourself. Dr. Rakos: (00:13) Thank you. Yes, I've been at Psych BC since 1995. So I've been here for quite a while. For almost 38 years, I taught psychology, clinical…

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Psycare’s Rob Friedman Featured in News About Telehealth During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hear an interview from LifeStance Health psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Friedman from Psycare, as he shares the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our mental health, and how telehealth can help.

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