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Choose from approximately 205 LifeStance therapists that serve patients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are the largest behavioral care provider platform in the USA. Our therapists see patients in 26 local offices in Pennsylvania and also provide virtual appointments throughout the state.

Find the best therapist near you in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by choosing from approximately 30 local and 175 telehealth therapists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. LifeStance practices represent the largest behavioral care provider platform in the USA. Our highly rated licensed therapists see patients in 26 mental health clinics in Pennsylvania and also provide online therapy services. Our therapists provide a variety of mental health services, specializing in treating mental healthcare issues including anxiety, depression, work stress, relationship issues, and trauma in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Why do people seek a Therapist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

1. Residents in neighborhoods like the South Side, a neighborhood with a history tied to Pittsburgh's steel industry, may seek therapy for economic anxiety related to the post-industrial landscape. The therapist could help navigate the emotional impact of job loss, changing industries, and economic uncertainty, considering the historical significance of deindustrialization in the region.

2. Like many Rust Belt cities, Pittsburgh has experienced urban renewal projects that have led to gentrification, displacement, and changes in neighborhood dynamics. Residents of areas like Lawrenceville or East Liberty may seek therapy to navigate feelings of loss, resentment, or identity conflict resulting from gentrification, as well as to cope with the stress of housing insecurity or community fragmentation.

3. Pittsburgh's long winters and lack of sunlight could contribute to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for some residents. Therapists might help individuals develop coping strategies to manage symptoms of depression or anxiety exacerbated by the dark, cold months, especially in neighborhoods like Squirrel Hill or Shadyside, where residents may have less access to natural light.

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Bethel Park, Bridgeville, Carnegie, Dormont, Mount Lebanon

About the City

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a city that seamlessly blends its rich industrial history with a vibrant arts and cultural scene. Known as the "Steel City," Pittsburgh is home to a diverse population that reflects its melting pot of ethnicities and backgrounds. The neighborhoods of Pittsburgh each have their own unique character, from the trendy and hipster-filled Lawrenceville to the historic and charming streets of the South Side. What sets Pittsburgh apart is its stunning skyline, nestled between three rivers and surrounded by lush green hills. The city's dedication to preserving its heritage while embracing innovation and creativity makes it a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

Neighborhoods in the City

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is home to several distinct neighborhoods. The Strip District is known for its bustling markets and eclectic shops. The South Side offers a lively nightlife scene and a variety of dining options. Oakland is a hub for education and culture, with several universities and museums. The North Shore is a popular destination for sports fans, with stadiums and waterfront attractions.

Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area

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Find a therapist near you in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on LifeStance. To find your perfect match use filters like insurance accepted, therapy specialty, and provider identity. Mental health care counselors on LifeStance are highly rated and vetted for their extensive experience treating individual adults, children and adolescents, as well as couples and families. They offer both in-person and telehealth care.