LifeStance Health’s Collaborative Care Model

Our Collaborative Care Model is our approach to improving overall health and well-being by treating the whole person, including emotional and behavioral health.

LifeStance Health’s Collaborative Care Model

The Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) is a specific type of integrated care designed to treat common behavioral health conditions in settings like primary care or women’s health. This involves a team of experts, comprising a primary care provider, collaborative care clinicians, psychiatrists, and additional behavioral health care management staff. Together, they collaborate to develop a comprehensive care plan for patients.

How LifeStance’s CoCM Benefits Primary Care Providers


Licensed Behavioral Collaborative Care Clinician (CCC) is embedded in the PCP’s clinic as part of the care team, enabling whole person care


CCC accepts warm handoffs and, if needed, coordinates referrals (psychiatry, neuropsych testing, etc.) across our approximately 6,800 employed clinicians


Consulting psychiatrist assists PCP and CCC or advises on transfer of psychiatric care to a specialist, reducing risks faced by PCP


CCC documents in the PCP’s EMR and implements measurement-based care, in addition to timely feedback to “close the loop”


Warm handoffs to CCC increase productivity while driving higher PCP earnings and reduced burnout


PCP receives compensation for their participation in managing the care of their patients as part of the behavioral health team

Learn More About CoCM

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Why LifeStance Is The Right Choice For Your CoCM

LifeStance’s national platform with unmatched scale is designed to enhance access and foster improved clinical outcomes through our:

  • Employed Clinician Model
  • In-person And Virtual Care Options
  • Online Scheduling
  • Increased Access
  • Referral Tracking
  • In-Network Services

Our multidisciplinary group of employed clinicians are experts in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychological testing. We offer a single source of comprehensive care that matches patients with clinicians based on clinical needs. LifeStance’s uniform integrated technology platform shares clinical information, tracks outcomes, and drives best practices. And we have convenient local offices and telehealth capabilities in all locations to treat a broad range of behavioral health issues.


Our Collaborative Care Model

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Universal Screening and Monitoring

Warm Handoff to Embedded BH 

Warm Handoff to Embedded BH 

Psychiatric Curbside Consults

Set-Up, Referral, or Discharge

Unifying Mental and Physical Care

Collaborative Care billing is supported by CPT codes that have been widely adopted by payors and are designed to promote a whole person approach to healthcare.

Measurement-Informed Care

CoCM uses validated clinical questionnaires to track patient progress over time in a shared registry to drive population-based outcomes analysis.

Seamless Direct Referral Process

For patients that require or prefer a higher level of care, LifeStance is the only partner in the market that can provide access to our comprehensive network of specialty behavioral health providers.

Why Partner With LifeStance?

LifeStance’s Pillars of Collaborative Care

Our model provides full access to licensed clinicians across the care spectrum including psychiatrists, APNs, psychologists, and therapists with deep experience in treating a wide range of behavioral health issues.

LifeStance provides the following services tailored to the needs of your patients and providers:

Universal patient screening before or at each wellness visit

Dedicated Collaborative Care Clinicians to facilitate warm handoffs from the PCP and manage the behavioral care of their patient panel

Collaborative Care Clinicians work on-site or virtually as a member of the care team

Individualized care plan development and bi-directional data sharing with the PCP

Virtual curbside consults with psychiatrists to triage issues identified by the PCP or CCC

CCC informs the PCP of diagnoses and progress toward goals, and facilitates referrals to specialty behavioral health clinicians as needed

Collaborating With CoCM

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