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We are a national team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists who are here for you. Telehealth and in-person appointments, covered by your insurance. A brighter tomorrow starts today.

LifeStance Offers a Custom Approach to Mental Health

At LifeStance, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health. We tailor our care plans to fit each person’s unique needs. Our clinicians include psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed therapists who are ready to support you. LifeStance offers both in-person and telehealth appointments, so you get the care you need in the format that serves you best. We also accept most insurance plans, allowing you to get the most from your personalized care plan.

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We Help People Living With a Variety of Mental Health Conditions


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that people sometimes develop in response to a traumatic event.


ADHD doesn’t have to limit your life. Reach your full potential with improved concentration, memory, and confidence.


When the world feels unsafe, we can help with Agoraphobia. Learn healthy coping mechanisms and take control of your thoughts.


Rage can hurt your relationships, both with other people and yourself. Learn to deal with anger in healthy and appropriate ways.

Anxiety Disorders

Sometimes fear and worry cast shadows over everything else in life. Maximize your ability to respond, cope, and overcome life’s challenges.

Bipolar Disorder

Find balance between the extreme highs and lows. With medication, therapy, and other interventions, you can feel in control again.


This difficult disorder can bring down your mood, confidence, and energy. Break through the darkest moments with help from our expert clinicians.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

We know that OCD is about so much more than being overly particular. Break free from obsessive thoughts and compulsions with help from our expert clinicians.

Panic Attacks

In the moment, a panic attack can seem insurmountable. You do not have to live with this fear. We offer many effective treatments that can help you live a happier life.

Personality Disorders

The traits and patterns that make you unique can be strengths, rather than limitations. Our licensed clinicians can help the real you shine through.


Don’t let your symptoms and other people’s misconceptions keep you from living a full life. Our clinicians can help you overcome your unique challenges.


How you feel about yourself affects almost every aspect of your life. Learn how to feel confident in your own skin and express yourself freely.


Everyone encounters stress from time to time. When it interferes with your quality of life, you need new coping mechanisms that can help you live a balanced and healthy life.

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“When you feel you have no control over your life, or what’s happening to your business, or the world around you, you have to gain control over what you can."

Chief Medical Officer, Anisha Patel-Dunn, gave her candid opinion on how restaurant workers can protect their mental through this challenging period:

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🎨: @justgirlproject. Not a single one of us is perfect. The important thing is to recognize our areas of opportunity and put in the work for growth.

In April 2020, a poll revealed a 14% increase in daily stress and worry for adults in the United States - and that was just at the beginning of the pandemic. That number has likely increased now. Here are some stress management techniques that could help:

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If you’re feeling stressed about your personal life or the state of the world right now, you’re not alone. Take a moment to take care of you.

In April 2020, a poll revealed a 14% increase in daily stress and worry for adults in the United States - and that was just at the beginning of the pandemic. That number has likely increased now. Click our #linkinbio for some stress management techniques that could help!