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hyperactive girl jumps on couch while mom is stressed

Struggling With Your Child’s ADHD? Here are 5 Strategies to Help

If your child was recently diagnosed with Attention Hyperactivity-Deficit Disorder (ADHD), you may feel isolated, overwhelmed, and unsure of your next steps. The parents of more than 6.4 million children in the United States know how this feels. Your family does not have to figure this out alone. Qualified behavioral health care providers can help you come up with a treatment plan that may…

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man talks to online therapist about stress

Can a Therapist Help Me with Stress?

Even the most experienced professionals have difficulty defining stress. In some ways, stress is the way that the body responds to certain triggers, particularly those that require an immediate reaction. However, if you have a mentally or emotionally taxing life, you know that stress can take place in the mind as well. Although most people use the term “stress” to talk about negative feelings,…

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young professional man endures stress at work

5 Strategies for Reducing Stress at Work

Even if you love your job, work can be a significant source of stress in your life. This stress can cause symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, trouble focusing, fatigue, and sleep problems. In some cases, this stress leads to changes in behavior, such as starting to use tobacco, withdrawing from social activities, and changes in eating. While it may feel like the only way…

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parents struggle with stress

3 Steps for Managing Family Stress

It doesn’t take an expert to know that managing family life can prove incredibly stressful. Between shuttling kids off to several activities, keeping a clean home, managing finances, and getting food on the table, family stress can add up quickly. It’s no wonder that 79 percent of American adults report feeling stressed sometimes or frequently throughout the day. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by pressure…

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man awake in early morning with insomnia

The Effects Of Stress Upon Our Sleep Patterns

Carl Nassar, Ph.D., LPC, CIIPTS Many sleep-related surveys carried out in recent years have shown that we’re not getting the amount of sleep that we ideally need. While some people can cope with less sleep than others, most are still not meeting the recommended requirements. As a result, many people may struggle to function and remain as mentally and physically sound as possible. The…

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couples enjoys cleaning together

Spring Cleaning for Your Emotions

By Nicholette Leanza, LPCC-S As the daffodils bloom and the trees sprout new buds, we know the season of spring represents hope and new beginnings but can also mean the dreaded chores of spring cleaning. As we busy ourselves organizing closets, washing windows, and de-cluttering the garage, we should also consider clearing out the emotional baggage we carry around. Below are some tips on spring…

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middle aged couples date in a cafe

10 Tips for Improving Your Relationship

By Lisa DeJarnette MSW, LISW Working on our relationships is not always easy, especially now in the context of a national pandemic! Often the people that matter the most get the worst part of us. There are many great relationship resources out there, and this list is certainly not exhaustive, but here are some tips to help you get some perspective and focus on…

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child attends online therapy

6 Strategies to Prepare Young Children for Online Therapy

The mental health care industry in the United States has been slowly moving toward telehealth for many years. However, that shift was accelerated when COVID-19 made online therapy the safest option for many patients and health care providers. Now, many adults have had a telehealth appointment of their own or feel familiar enough with teleconferencing to have a telehealth visit. However, booking online therapy…

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couples kisses while sitting on stairs

Dating with Bipolar Disorder: A Q&A with the LifeStance CMO

Dating with any mental health disorder can be a difficult endeavor. People who live with a bipolar disorder face unique challenges in this pursuit. We talked with Dr. Anisha Patel-Dunn, Psychiatrist & Chief Medical Officer of LifeStance Health to see how people with a bipolar disorder can approach dating in a healthy way. [post_cta title="You're not alone. Our providers can help." button="Make an Online…

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woman struggles with pmdd

4 Dangerous Myths About PMDD

People who menstruate often experience changes in mood and some physical symptoms in the days leading up to their periods. About 20 percent of people who menstruate experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which consists of mostly physical symptoms and mild mood changes. Approximately eight percent of people who menstruate experience premenstrual dysphoria disorder (PMDD) in the days leading up to their periods. This intense and…

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