The Couch and the Screen: “The Grinch” – Podcast

By Jason Clayden on December 20, 2023

Join Nicholette Leanza, along with colleagues Angel Kramer and Laura McClure, in a heartfelt discussion about the 2018 animated film ‘The Grinch.’ Delving into the film’s colorful animation, catchy music, and endearing storyline, they unravel the layers of the Grinch’s character, examining his loneliness, trauma, and mental health.

From the evolution of the Grinch’s portrayal to the deeper exploration of Cindy Lou Who’s character as a resilient single mom, the conversation bridges the gap between the movie’s themes and real-life holiday stress. The trio offers insights on setting boundaries, developing exit strategies for overwhelming situations, and finding moments of genuine joy amidst the chaos, drawing parallels to key moments in the movie that resonate with the human experience.

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