LifeStance x Leica


For Mental Health Awareness Month, LifeStance has partnered with Leica to showcase how everyone experiences mental health differently. We commissioned one poet and 13 photographers to capture depression and anxiety through their lens.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, LifeStance has partnered with Leica

Perspectives on Mental Health through 13 Creative Lenses.

There Is Not One Face To Mental Health

Hussain Manawer

13 Photographers. 1 Poet.

Mental Health in Pictures and Poetry.

Driven by a lifelong passion for photography, I pursued a freelance career, reveling in the creative freedom and artistic exploration…

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Mark Mann

I have gotten used to saying the words “I’m fine” when I’m not. It’s much easier to say “I’m fine”…

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Terry LaRue

Having lived through a lot of chaos, fear and insecurity, prioritizing my mental health has always been a point of…

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Mathieu Bitton

Anxiety and depression can be so isolating that we turn our backs on our world, but we reach out to…

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Eva Woolridge

Despite appearing normal on the surface, underneath lay a tumult of anxiety and depression. I hope to shed light on…

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Sheila Pree Bright

It’s ok to cry, to scream, to feel — lean into it knowing you’ll feel the warmth of the sun…

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Cheriss May

For me personally it was about capturing a feeling of giving up, when nothing matters anymore and feeling of overwhelm…

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Katarina Benzova

To ruminate on mental health at this stage of my life is to subsequently wade into thoughts on raising children.…

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Kathryn Boyd Brolin

With my own struggles with mental health, the hardest feelings to cope with are the ones of isolation even when…

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Brandon Ruffin

Having lost both parents 6 months apart before the age of 19. I hope that these images give perspective to…

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Brandon Ralph

Ever since I was a kid developing film in my parents’ basement, I found that channeling all of this extra…

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Mike Blabac

Depression has crept up on me even when I have been at the happiest moments of my life.

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Kyler Steele

Anxiety will often come in waves and never fail to hinder my creativity and confidence. Remembering that I am not…

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Mark Asuncion

About the Narrator

Hussain Manawer is a globally acclaimed poet, Mental Health Advocate, Producer and author of The Sunday Times best-selling poetry book on mental health, “Life is Sad and Beautiful.” Born in Newham and raised in Ilford, Essex, Hussain derives much of his inspiration from his own experiences to inform his work, which articulates the mental health struggles our world is facing.

About the Narrator
Mental health is individual. Your treatment should be too.

Mental health is individual.
Your treatment should be too.