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Choose from approximately 10 LifeStance psychologists that serve patients in Jacksonville, Florida. We are the largest behavioral care provider platform in the USA. Our psychologists see patients in 6 local offices in Florida and also provide virtual appointments throughout the state.

Find the best psychologist near you in Jacksonville, Florida, by choosing from approximately 10 LifeStance psychologists via telehealth in Jacksonville, Florida. LifeStance practices represent the largest behavioral care provider platform in the USA. Our licensed psychologists see patients in 6 mental health clinics in Florida and also provide online psychology services. Our psychologists specialize in treating a range of mental health care issues, including treating and testing various mental and emotional health conditions, anxiety, depression, work stress, relationship issues, and trauma, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Why do people seek a Psychologist in Jacksonville, Florida?

1. Jacksonville, located on the coast, is susceptible to hurricanes. Residents may seek therapy to cope with trauma, anxiety, and stress resulting from experiencing hurricanes or the fear of impending storms. For instance, a resident from the Riverside neighborhood may seek therapy to address PTSD symptoms triggered by the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017, particularly if they were displaced or suffered property damage.

2. As a city with a thriving tourism industry, downturns in tourism, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, can lead to significant job losses. Residents who have lost their jobs in the tourism sector, such as those working in hospitality or entertainment at Jacksonville Beach, might seek a psychologist to cope with the financial stress, feelings of uncertainty, and loss of identity tied to their employment.

3. Jacksonville is home to several major healthcare institutions, such as Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and Baptist Health. Healthcare professionals may seek therapy to cope with the stress, burnout, or compassion fatigue associated with their demanding careers. For example, a nurse working at UF Health Jacksonville might seek a psychologist to manage work-related stress and prevent professional burnout.

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About the City

Jacksonville, Florida, is a diverse and dynamic city that captivates visitors with its unique blend of cultures and stunning natural beauty. With a population of over 900,000, Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida and boasts a rich tapestry of people and demographics. From the historic neighborhoods of Riverside and Avondale, with their picturesque tree-lined streets and charming architecture, to the bustling downtown area, Jacksonville offers something for everyone. What sets this city apart is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, with miles of pristine beaches and a vibrant waterfront scene. Jacksonville's vibrant arts and music scene, world-class golf courses, and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities make it a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

Neighborhoods in the City

Jacksonville, Florida is home to several distinct neighborhoods. Riverside offers a mix of historic homes and trendy shops. San Marco boasts a lively dining scene and beautiful parks. Downtown is the city's bustling center, with skyscrapers and cultural attractions. The Beaches area offers a laid-back coastal vibe with sandy shores and beachfront communities.

Jacksonville Metropolitan Area

FAQs about how to find a LifeStance psychologist in Jacksonville, Florida

Find a psychologist near you in Jacksonville, Florida within the LifeStance network. You can search by using filters like insurance, treatment areas, and interventions.

LifeStance psychologists are all licensed and vetted for their extensive experience treating individual adults, children, and adolescents. Most of our psychologists offer assessment, testing and evaluation services along with psychotherapy.