What Does Anxiety Mean To You?

Mental health struggles like anxiety come in many forms, and how it impacts your life is unique to you. We connected with 30 people in their daily lives to explore the range of anxieties they experience.

Thoughts Are Racing

Ashley 39, Stay-at-home Mom
My thoughts are often racing all night

Feeling Accepted

Michael 29, Fitness Instructor
I have a hard time feeling accepted

Scared Of Bringing Illness Home

Susan 39, ER Doctor
I’m scared of bringing illness home to my children

Balancing It All

Amy 36. Waitress
How can I balance it all?

Always Rushing

Vanessa 56, Occupational Therapist – Pediatrics
I’m always rushing around and find it difficult to take time for myself

What If I Fail Out?

Nyeleti 30, Nursing Student
What if I fail out of nursing school?

I’m Overwhelmed

Meghan 37, Business Owner – Interior Design Firm
I’m so overwhelmed taking care of everyone


Ryan 27, Food Industry / Bagel Shop
I struggle to be around people

Out Of My Control

Yukie 61, Restaurant Office Manager
I used to worry about my kids, now it’s my dogs

What If I Get Sick?

Luisa 27, Receptionist
What will happen to me if I get really sick?

My Son Has ADHD

Kate 51, Video Producer
I worry about my son with ADHD

Time Is Moving Quickly

Liz 26, Barista
Time is moving too quickly, I am trying to live in the moment.

Anxious And Scared

Karen 34, Bookseller
I’m scared of what comes next

Battling Anxiety

Emilia 36, Cheesemonger
I’ve battled anxiety since I was a teenager


Chelsea 22, Coffee Shop GM
I often feel misunderstood

Affording Life After School

Claire 22, Barista
Will I have enough money to live after school?

Severe Anxiety And Agoraphobia

Michael 31, Photographer
I’ve struggled to just get out of bed

My Kids’ Future

Ian 32, Master Barber
What will the future be like for my kids?

State Of The World

Julia 27, Stylist / Makeup Artist
I’m very stressed about the state of the world

Struggles With Planning

Jenelle 29, Bridal Stylist
Some days I struggle to just get started

Generational Anxiety

Thomas 34, Chef
My parents had anxiety, and I do, too

Worry And Uncertainty

John 73, Bar / Restaurant Owner
I’m worried about the economy and the virus

Bills, Kids And Stress

Harold 40, Delivery Driver
The bills keep piling up

Compared To Others

Jasmin 31, Server
I hate being compared to others

Climate Change

Steve 68, Wine Shop Owner
What are we doing to this world?

Job Anxiety

Joseph 65, Realtor
Anxiety is always a part of my job

Good, Bad, And The Ugly

Matt 39, Minister
I carry the anxiety people share with me

Challenging Childhood

Ashley 39, Former 1st Grade Teacher
My anxiety is ever present

Diagnosed With MS

Kate 51, Video Producer
I have MS and I’m scared about what may happen


Susan 39, ER Doctor
What if I misdiagnosed a patient?

Always Needs To Change

Michael 29, Fitness Instructor
Am I good enough for people?